Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hello and welcome to the First Year Anniversary of Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound! Thank you Beverly for hosting this fun and successful pink event. It's been so much fun sharing pink with everyone! I usually take all week long to look at all the pinkness since I don't get as much blogging time as I would like.

Today I'm sharing with you some of my flowers blooming here in WV. Right now the scent outside my doors is heavenly! The wild roses are blooming and it's the prettiest scent. When my windows are open the heavenly scent comes right through the house. We only cut about 5 acres around the house so the roses are all through the woods surrounding our home. In this pic you can see the white roses just trailing down anything they can cling too. Most farmers hate these but I love, love, love them. LOL

Next I have my peonies to show you. I adore this flower and it is a gift from God that I am so thankful for! The scent of this plant is also heavenly and I can't resist filling every room in my home with a vase of them.

I only buy the pale pink peonies but they must have been marked wrong because a few of the bushes are a darker pink.

Pretty pink peonies all over my porch in the next few pics. After enjoying them on the porch for a day they will go inside to grace my home.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me today. I hope that you have a wonderful week. I will be back Monday for a Porch Party with Rhondi of Rose Colored Glasses & Blue Monday with Sally of Smiling Sally.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello and welcome to Blue Monday hosted by Sally of Smiling Sally. Thank you Sally for hosting this fun event.
First I'd like to say that as we turn our thoughts toward Memorial Day, we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and pray for the men and women who currently stand in the gap for our protection. May God Bless you on this Memorial Day Weekend!
I've given my foyer a new look this week, she's all done up in blue, perfect for Blue Monday.

A pretty little cross stitched sachet, done years ago.

This little Spring Cleaning cross stitch I did a few years ago and just this past week pulled it out of my sewing basket and got it made into a pillow, finally!

I love the little button sign (A CLEAN HOME IS A HAPPY HOME) All the materials came in a kit from The Silver Needle.

The yummy faux blue buttercream cupcakes were made by my daughter Jen and she has some available here in her Lolli Shop.

Jen made this little ballerina cake too and she has one available in her Lolli Shop also.

I love this little print, I framed it from a calender.

Another pretty print from a Hershey Calendar from back in the 70's.
Some cute little blue pincushions. The round one in the front is from my friend Ellen from Sweet Memory Making Mom. She makes the cutest pincushions. The little silk embroidered bunny is one of my creations.

Thank you so much for stopping by, it was so nice to visit with you!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
Dear Heavenly Father,
May the members of our armed forces be filled with courage to face each day, and may they trust in the Lord's mighty power to accomplish each task. Let our military brothers and sisters feel our love and support. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hello and welcome to another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound. Thank you Beverly for hosting this fun event!
It's finally getting to look like summer around here. I'm so happy to be able to go out on my front porch with my morning coffee!

I've picked up some more pink flowers at the garden center this week.

Last Saturday hubby and I took my truck in for something that had a recall on it. There was an Antique Mall right across the street so we walked over. Oh my I had a great time. It's been awhile since I was there and found some real treasures. I've posted two pics of the lot here and will post closeups in future posts so be sure to stop back and see. Lots of embroidery, (my favorite), jadite, cute figurines and a heart pincushion that I collect. Angel my cat in the top left just fell in love with the quilt, could not keep her off it. You can click on the pic to get a larger view.

I love the soft colors in this quilt. It's an old feedsack quilt and all of them that I have seen and own are in darker colors. This quilt is unique in that it was quilted with another quilt inside of it. I peeked in and it looked like a white on white quilt. Well after I got it home and turned it over here it's an old blue and white star quilt. I'll post closeups of it next week.

This week I'm posting a closeup of the vintage millinery hat, it's in such good condition. The flowers have not yellowed at all. I'm thrilled with it. It was only $12.00. I did not think that was bad for something as pretty as this.

That's it for this weeks pink, if you have time scroll down and look at my previous post of my grandsons prom. He is just the most handsome, if I must say so myself! LOL I'll be back on Monday with a Blue Monday post.
Have a great week!
Bless you, Shirl

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hello and welcome to Blue Monday hosted by Sally of Smiling Sally. Thank you Sally for hosting this fun event.
Today for my blue I have my handsome grandson. He is my first grandchild and he was off to his senior prom in these pics. He brought his friend over to meet me and I had worked all week to get my flower gardens ready to use as background for pictures. An hour before they were to leave it started pouring down rain. We had to take pics on the porch. They looked so cute and her blue gown was just beautiful! My grandson is the sweetest kid! He's going to college in the fall to become a physical therapist.

Off they go! Have fun Joey and Cassendra! Love you!
Thank you so much for stopping by. It was so nice to visit with you! Have a great week and I'll be back saturday for a Pink Saturday post.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound. Thank you Beverly for hosting this fun event.
Today I'm showing you Mother's Day Gifts for my pinkness. Above is a cute little silk embroidered dove that I made for my daughter. Jen loves Doves, she and my mother used to feed them all the time. My Mother used to tell Jen that doves mated for life. I gave Jen my mother's porcelain doves and she used them on her wedding cake table. Doves were always special between her and my Mother.
I also made her the pretty little tag below. The vintage image reminded me of the Seaside Victorian of Cape May, NJ where we used to vacation when my daughter was a young girl.

Latley I had been admiring the black diamonds when my husband and I were shopping and he surprised me with this little black diamond panda bear necklace for Mother's Day. What a nice surprise. I did not think he was paying attention when I showed them to him. LOL

My daughter Jen made me this pretty little pink and while faux cake for Mother's Day. It's just perfect for my new guest bedroom that I will be showing you soon.

Jen also made me this pretty little nut cup party favor, made from pink satin, vintage millinery, also perfect in my new guest room. Thank you Jen I will treasure them always!
My son and his wife surprised me with a pink rose bush. Blooms are on the way, I'll get a pic for you as soon as it blooms.
My daughter Jen came for a visit last Friday so I made us a yummy cake to have with our lunch. It was just a yellow cake mix and I usually use milk instead of water when I make them. Went to get the milk out and I forgot dear hubby finished the milk at breakfast. I keep powdered buttermilk on hand for scones so I tried that and what a yummy moist cake it made.
We had such a nice day, Jen helped me with some things I needed to do on my computer. She's computer savy, I am not! LOL We looked at pretty blogs, looked through decorating magazines and shared lots of craft ideas. Just a perfect day!

I only had a few blooms on my wisteria this year. For the past few years we've had a late frost so that usually does them in. When we are lucky enough to have it bloom the scent is heavenly when you walk onto my porch.

Thank you so much for stopping by. It was so nice to visit with you. I'll be back on Monday for a Blue Monday post with Smiling Sally. Have a great weekend!
Bless you, Shirl

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello and welcome to Blue Monday hosted by Smiling Sally. Thank you Sally for hosting this fun event!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I had a wonderful day relaxing on the front porch, hubby cooked on the grill so I was able to read and garden. Great Day!!!!

Today is my last post on my Americana Bath. If you have not been here before take a look at my last two Blue Monday posts to see the other pics, if you'd like. It's quite a large bath so I had lots of room to work with. I love this room, it really makes me smile. It's a guest bath, thank goodness I would not want to dust this every week! LOL

Last week I told you that I would show you closups of these cute little cottages by Brandywine Collectables. I collected them through the years while on vacation in the Outer Banks. NC.

The detail in them is amazing. I usually bring downstairs the one's in season to use for vignettes. If you click on the picture you can get a better look at them.

Another Betsy Ross cross stitch. I think she is so sweet!

Some cute little collectables on a dowel tree. I loved cross stitching the little apple pie alamode with a flag. My favorite desert!

This magazine rack I picked up for a dollar at a flea market, painted it in the wall color and put on a piece of the wallpaper border.

Waste basket was from the dollar store, then just glued on some wallpaper.

Bear was a thrift store find then I dolled her up with lace and a flag.

A cute little cone hat that I've just recently made using vintage ledger and images.

I found this cute little print in a gift shop last month.

This little cross stitch sachet bag was so much fun to stitch. I love stitching little vignettes like this.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my pics of my Americana Bath as much as I enjoyed showing them to you! Blogging is so much fun!

Bless you, Shirl