Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello and welcome to my Wedding Blog Party hosted by the sweet Stephanie of Angelic Accents. Be sure to stop by and visit her so you can get a list of all the other participants.
Thank you Steph for hosting this fun event. I had so much fun pulling out all my wedding pics and memento's.

I'm also linking up with Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. I loved pink even back in the 70's. LOL
Thank you Beverly for hosting this fun event! All you pinkie gals out there, you will see pink here and there on this post.

My husband and I have been married for 39 years this past Feb. 6th.
Here we were then.

Here we are now. Much older but very happy. We really enjoy everyday of our life. We share our old farm house with 3 dogs and 4 cats with about 6 more strays that have wondered in. Our adult children have homes right on our farm so we can see them anytime.

Of course if you have visited my blog before you know there will be cross stitch to mark any event going on in my life. I made this sampler many years ago. It's done in cross stitch on a needlepoint canves.
This pretty little tray with vintage image and hand painted roses was made by my friend Judy of Vintage Chic. I fell it love with it at first glance!

Another sampler and although done in the 80's I was fond of pink back then too.

Here I was the night before our wedding, my Dad snapped a pic of me talking on the phone to Ed. Remember the phones with cords on them? My how things have changed since we got married. LOL

Just minuetes before leaving for the church.

This page was out of a scrapbook that my Mom made for me, I saw this picture of this wedding gown in a magazine and walked into the bridal shop, asked if she had it. She did and I never even tried another dress on. I knew this was what I wanted and always dreamed of.

I always loved velvet and always dreamed of my bridesmaids being dressed in velvet and white fur muff's and hats. I could not talk them into all velvet so the Bridal Shop owner showed the girls these dresses with velvet on the top and chiffon on the bottom. My sister was my matron of honor and she wore plum velvet with lavender on the bottom and my bridesmaids wore burgandy velvet with pink on the bottom.

I loved velvet so much that I made alot of my clothes out of it. Below is a black velvet pantsuit that I made for Christmas in 1969.

Then I made brown crushed velvet pants for New Years Eve the following year.

Our wedding cake was so pretty. I've always loved cakes.

My ring bearer Jimmy and flower girl Quartney.

Daisies are a flower that I have always loved so of course I had to have them put in my bouquet.

Next few pics are from a scrapbook that my Mother made for me, they did not have the acid free papers back then so alot of the pages are falling apart and getting rust marks on them. Not sure how to save this book but I'm going to try a few things. Mom wrote right on the pages and I want to keep her handwriting.

My first Christmas, that's me on the right.

My first day of school.

Card and ribbon from roses my Aunt sent for our engagement party.

A few wedding treasures that I love.
My Mom and Dad's wedding picture.

Their wedding licence.

My Aunt and Uncle's wedding picture.

Thank you so much Steph for hosting this fun event. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed putting this little post together. It's been along time since I've looked at all these things.
Thank you to all my blogging friends who stopped by to see this post. I treasure my friendship with you all.
Prayers and hugs, Shirl

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound. Thank you Beverly for hosting this fun event. If you stop by to see her you can get a list of all the other participants.

Today I have my new guest bedroom/craft room to show you. Lots of pics here, I loved everyone better than the next so just uploaded them all. LOL If you click on the pic you can get a better look at all the pinkness.

I stitched this little banner in anticipation of getting this guest bedroom done. My lifelong friend will stay in it alot so I thought these words were perfect. We met when we were eight years old and were now almost 60 so we've been through it all together.
~~~~~~It says. "Come talk with me of days gone by........ lets linger there awhile.......Some memories will make us cry.... But more will bring a smile.......~~~~~~~~~~~~~~How true that is!

Since I started doing altered art my sewing room was just getting too over packed with supplies and I reached the point that I could not be creative in there. So I decided when doing this room over that I would take one corner for my altered art crafting. I still have to get more organized with my crafts in here but it will do for now and has given me alot more room in my sewing room.

Here it is. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. All my favorite things in here. The only thing I bought was the chenille bedspread. I had been admiring it for a few years in Vermont Country Store catalog. Everything else was just gathered up from other rooms or my husband brought home from a flea market.

It all started with this wallpaper border that I saw in an Australian Decorating magazine. Took me three years to track it down and boy was I happy when I finally did.

This was how the room started, it's in the pre-civil war part of the house, the navy blue shelf went around two walls and did not have the little brackets. I had my husband make them for me. I'm putting a pink crystal knob in between each bracket to hang a vintage and repo apron from. Another thing I collect. LOL

More of the room in progress.

Finally got all those brackets painted white and some pink paint on the walls. The color I chose was called "Capricious Pink" Now I just have to paint the floor white and I'm ready for the border.

I am so happy with the way the room turned out and it has the most comfortable bed. The old metal frame we found out in the barn when we moved here. It did not belong to the second owners of the property so were pretty sure it was owned by the people that built the home in the 1800's.

In future pink saturday posts I will show some closeups of all the pretty pinks in here. The table to the right of the bed is my painting table.

The old vanity in the corner my husband brought home from a flea market and I had intentions of painting it white, after seeing it in the room I think I'm gonna leave it as it is. It's adds a nice place for the eyes to stop. Everyone that see's the room says the same thing. So I'm still thinking on that one. What do you think? Paint it white or leave as it is?

The bench at the end of the bed was an old end table that I skirted and covered in fabric.

A corner of the room has a little table all set for tea. This corner is on going and changes all the time.

The shelf was my mother's, she used to have dolls on it, now I have my collection of teacups on it.

I still love my old Dorothy's Ruffeled Originals curtains from the 80's. They are really wearing thin but I have not been able to part with them yet. LOL

A bedside table, I will show closups in future posts, many things were gifts from friends and other bloggers which I will add links to at that time.

In the pic below you can see one of the little pink crystal knobs with an apron hanging from it. That apron was made by my friend Connie of Living Beautifully. Still adding crystals and buying aprons. LOL

Now here is where it gets a little messy, this side has my craft supplies which I am trying to get more organized with, this will take a little time.

More pics of the table, most of the faux cakes were made by my daughter Jen of Jen's Petal Palace.
Chairs were a flea market find, they were gray and orange. I will show before and after pics in a future post.

A few things from Everyday is a Holiday.

This cabinet was given to me.

I have my collection of pincushions on one shelf.

My collection of vintage Nancy Ann dolls on another shelf.

Vintage china on the last shelf.

Some dolls on top of that cabinet.

Back over to my crafting corner. I will show more of this side at another time as I get more organized with it.

My father embroidered these pillowcases for me just before he died. My friend Pat who died severals years after him crocheted the skirt. Something that I really treasure! Everyone in my father's family embroidered even the men, this was on his mother's side.

This beautiful tray on my painting table was painted by my friend Celeste of Celestina Maria Designs . This is one of my most treasured items.

I've always loved a nest with eggs, so touching that a loving Mommy made with love!

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at my guest bedroom. I'm so glad that you stopped by and thank you so much for taking the time to look at all these pics! I will show some closups in future posts. So many things I forgot to show you but we have time.
Have a wonderful week!
Blessings to ya, Shirl