Friday, September 24, 2010

PINK SATURDAY Sept. 25, 2010

Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound.

Today for my pinkness I have this adorable little pincushion that I bid on and won on ebay. I was thrilled to finally get one of our sweet Lynn from Tea Cup Stitches creations. Oh my gosh when I opened the box I could not believe how beautiful it was. Her work is just amazing, a true work of art.

Look how sweet she is.

Even the back is adorable. Thank you so much Lynn, I'm thrilled with my purchase. She also sent me this little note card that is designed by her. How cute!

Some of you might not know but Lynn is an artist and has designed many cross stitch patterns over the years. I first met Lynn back in 1985 when I owned and operated a cross stitch shop called "Shirley's Strawberry Basket. Lynn quickly became my favorite designer and I always had one of her designs in my stitching basket.
Below are two projects that I stitched many years ago and I've since taken them out of their frames and I'm planning on making them into a little quilted wall hanging using the fabrics below them.

Another one of her adorable designs of potted flowers. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to finish this one, so it will sit in my sewing basket a bit longer.

Below is my next project that I'm getting started on, it's called "The Hoosier". I'm going to change the colors on this one a little, I'm stitching it on pink fabric instead of beige like the model and I'm going to stitch the hoosier cabinet in white for more of a cottage look that I have in my home now.

Below is a close up of the pattern. Isn't it adorable? Just too darn cute!!!!!

Another little cross stitched piece of a sewing room design.

This little flower pot of roses I'm putting in a little frame with a picket fence on it.

Now this is one of my favorites, I had it in a frame but took it out and I'm making it into a little tote bag to take to quilt retreats and classes. The fabrics below the picture are the prints I chose to make the tote with.

A close up. Don't you just love Lynn's designs?

I love the little siamese kittens that are in alot of her patterns.

Here's an apron that I made from one of her designs.

Below is "The Sewing Room Collection", this was so much fun to stitch and is on my sewing room desk where I can see it all the time.

Next is The Country Kitchen Collection a favorite piece in my kitchen, this was fun to stitch too.

A close up, look how cute!

This little one I just framed in a shelf that will go in my small guest bedroom that I will be decorating soon.
I've got quite a collection of Lynn's designs stitched and there's some Christmas and fall designs that I've stitched but I did not get to post today.

Now on to all the patterns that I still have not stitched up yet, below are two sewing room collections that I could not choose between, had to have them both. LOL Look how cute the jelly cabinet is in both of them.

The next few pics are all the pattern books that I have from Lynn, do you think I like her designs? LOL

This one below I love, I did the little one on the right bottom titled "The Bath" for my daughter as a baby gift for her baby shower, I stitched it on the corner of a napkin, lined the basket with it and filled it with baby items.

Alot of these books are out of print, I treasure them and will enjoy stitching with them as long as my eyes hold out. LOL Thank you Lynn for being such a fabulous designer. I enjoy just looking through the books and dream about what I can make next. I make alot of my gifts using these designs too.

Next I want to take the time to wish my handsome grandson Marcus a Happy Birthday! He was 17 yesterday, where did the years go? It was his brother that graduated from basic training with the Navy earlier in the month. In this pic Marcus and his younger brother Mike were on my computer and our silly puppy was looking over the back of the couch as if to say"I want to look too." LOL

I made him some yummy cupcakes. Happy Birthday Marcus, we love you!

I love this pic of him from about three years ago. Love you Marcus!

Thank you so much for stopping by, it was so nice to visit with you!
Have a great week! Blessings to ya! Shirl

Friday, September 17, 2010


Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound. Today for my pink I have the last few roses that are blooming in my garden. We have been in a drought here in WV so my gardens have not been doing very well. I was thrilled when I came home for work and saw these blooming.

Tuesday was my birthday and my daughter and her family brought me this pretty pink cake. Opps, I forget the get a pic before I cut it, oh well it still pretty! I had a wonderful birthday, I had a cake in school too with my students. Two cakes WOW!!! Lucky me!!!

I thought I would also show you my foyer for Sept, (I change it every month). This month I have it all done up with my back to school things.

I made this cute little tote last year, the cross stitch saying reminded me of when my sisiter went to school, I missed her so much and waited by the door for her to come home.

I used some vintage lace on the back.

Thank you so much for stopping by, it was so nice to visit with you. Next week I have something very pink and pretty to show you, be sure to stop by.
Have a great week, blessings to ya, Shirl

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hello and welcome to a special Pink Saturday in remembrence of 911. Please stop by to visit our hostess Beverly of How Sweet the Sound to get a list of all the other participants.

Never forget and never forgotten, God Bless all who lost their lives on 9/11/01. God Bless our troops who fight everyday for our freedom! God Bless our fire fighters and our police officers who still risk their lives everyday. Our prayers are with you all forever!

My pink roses today (in remembrence of all those who lost their life that day)are from my sister's web site Rose Hart Gifts. Stop by to visit her lovely web-site with many fabulous treasures. My favorites on her web site are Lady Primrose/Tryst, perfume. Trapp candles my favorite is orange/vanilla, their candles have a bottle of perfume in every candle. Best of all are her vintage dresses that she alters to a perfect fit for you.

Next I have a few more pics of my grandson's Navy graduation.
Below Sailor Joe Morris! Love you Joey, we are so proud of you! Joey is now attending dental school and his dream is to become a dentist.

When I saw the Sailor's bow their heads in prayer I could not resist snapping this pic before bowing my own head. With our government taking God out of everything I was very touched to see that our Navy still bow's their heads in prayer.
Very Touching!!!!

Our beachfront resort at the Great Lakes in Chicago.

View from our window to the waterfront.

I came across this heart of rocks on the beach, could have been made my a Sailor for his sweetheart! LOL I'm a hopeless romantic.
Funny I grew up near the Jersey Shore and we had shells, here being a lake the beach was full of rocks, no shells.

My Grandson's getting caught up on the months they have missed while apart. I love this pic!

A little pink in the mall in Chicago. Could not resist snapping this pic for you all!

A harbor in North Chicago.

My grandson fishing and my husband just strolling the pier.

Bass Pro Shop at the mall in Chicago.

Power windmills on route to Chicago, these were in Indiana and supply electric to the whole town.

My grandson in gazebo on beach at hotel.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me and letting me be a proud grandma! I've loved sharing with you and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings to ya, Shirl