Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Very Happy Pink Saturday Thanksgiving! 11/17/12

Hello to all my Pink Saturday Friends. I'm so sorry to be MIA for so long. Life has just been keeping me so busy lately. I've missed chatting with you all so much. I thought since I'm off for nine days for Thanksgiving break I'd try and stop to visit all my Pink Saturday friends.

It's been so different and hard around here without our sweet Molly the Newf, it's taken some adjusting in our life but we made it through. Shortly after Molly died our little  mini golden Goldie died then one of our cats Annie. It's been a hard year, I'm ready for a new one.

Ed and I had a wonderful vacation this summer, we went to Beaufort, SC to spend some time with our grandson in the Navy then we went on to St. Augustine, Florida. What a paradise that was. Can't wait to go back again. My parents were there after WWII and we had their pictures and went to all the places they went. Took pics standing in the same places they did. I where my Mom stook and Ed stood in for my father where he stood. I will post pics for you all later in the new year. My mother always spoke so fondly of St. Augustine and I can see why. It was magical. So much history and a tranquil bay and ocean. Loved it!


Our sweet Lady is our only dog we have now. She is a sweetheart. We were her fifth and forever home. She is so happy with us and of couse she is spoiled!

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!
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Hugs, Shirl