Friday, April 11, 2008

Holly Hobbie Tote & Flowers

I thought I would share with you today some projects I worked on this week. I love Holly Hobbie and have alot of finished needlework in baskets waiting for me to do something with them. I thought this week I would try to get some of my Holly Hobbie's done and out where I can enjoy them. The one I finished this week is done in crewel embroidery in the late 70's. I made this cute little stitching couple into a market tote bag. It does not have a flat bottom, just a plain little carryall.
I made the handles long enough to use as a shoulder bag.
I choose the blue and yellow, because it matched the threads in the needlework but I also needed a blue tote. In the summer I like to change bags to match what I am wearing.
Of couse I had to have some bling. I bought this daisy charm a few years ago, it remined me of my dear sweet Aunt Jean, she loved daisies!
Here is a close up, I just the love the sweet face on the student, she looks so interested! These two girls remind me so much of my sister and I. She was always teaching me while I was growing up and she still does!! LOL
Below is the other project I worked on this week, I bought this pretty green wicker vase from Katie's Rose Cottage . She always has something new and interesting on her website. I filled it with pearls and pretty roses in shades of pink and white.
Here is a close up of the roses! I can't wait for my roses to bloom in my cottage garden! I'll be sure to share pics with you!
Thank you so much for stopping by, it was so nice to chat with you. Be sure to stop back I have so many fun posts in the making! Shirl


celestina marie said...

Hi Shirl, your tote is darling. I love to do crewel work too and also have projects ready to finish. Love your sweet green basket display. Can't wait to see what else you are working on!
Miss ya,
hugs, Celestina
La Rea Rose

Lynne Laura said...

Hi Shirl,

Love the basket with flowers! Very nice. The vac broom on my blog...I don't have one but I loved that it is pink. Let me know if you get one! My pink phone arrived today! So happy about that. I drop a quick picture on my blog...

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Connie said...

Adorable, honey. You're doing great on your blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

shirl, your tote is so pretty, I like it alot. Love the vase with the roses and pearls so pretty and very springy looking. You are doing such beautiful work keep it up my friend.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

It is all gorgeous Shirl! I love the Holly Hobbie tote and I almost bought that same basket to put some of my handmade roses in! It looks gorgeous, I love the way you decorated it and the pearls :)

Love ya,

Lynne Laura said...

Hi Shirl, Thanks for stopping by today. The hearts are made with 100% wool felt, vintage millenary flowers, vintage mercury bauble and other embellishments, depending on what I have. Some are vintage and some are not. The ruffle around the heart is crepe paper.
If you have any other questions regarding the hearts, feel free to email me.
Lynne Laura

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Shirl! I LOVE your darling Holly Hobby Tote bag! Your work is beautiful and so detailed! I admire those that can do that. Hope your sister had a wonderful Birthday. I found some vintage Holly Hobby fabric (3 different kinds) on eBay last year and made pillow cases for my three daughters & daughter-in-law for Christmas! They were thrilled and it brought back memories for them! Thanks for the book challenge, I will see what I can do! Have a WONDERFUL weekend Shirl! Hugs, Maryjane

Joy said...

I love that Holly Hobby tote.
I remember playing with those dolls. My sis had Holly and I had Heather..