Friday, February 25, 2011


NO PINK THIS WEEK!!! Sorry! You can find some pink here with Beverly!

Our hero is home!!! Welcome home Bob! You will never know how much you were missed. We are so proud of you! Thank you God for keeping him safe!

I want to thank all my blogging friends for all your thoughts, prayers and comments during this past year. You don't know how much of a comfort they were to me! I will always be greatful! I feel like I can finally breath now that he's home!
I'm posting some pics today and a friend took some at that airport of all of us together but I have not caught up with her to get them yet. I will post them later.

As you can see in the pic above Bowser was very happy to see Bob! They are buds!

Above is the flag I made to welcome Bob home at the airport.

Our hero! We love you Bob!

Bob and a good friend from our town that he was deployed with.

Bob shaking hands with the Governor. He shook hands with every soldier.

Signs at the airport.

The last formation before the were released!

That little white speck in the sky was our first sighting of his airplane.

Here's the plane on the ground.

Oh happy day!!!!!

Some of you might remember when I purchased this cute little plate at a Flea Market. I had it on a shelf above my kitchen sink. Everytime I looked at it I sent up a prayer for my son.

Well I packed that one away now and have out my cute little happy cottage front porch plate. Now I look and that and send up a prayer of thanks for bringing my son home. This porch is so me, just a little peaceful place to be with family and friends.

Thank you all for stopping by and thank you so much for your prayers and friendship.
Blessings, Shirl


Blondie's Journal said...

I am above happiness for you , Shirl. Welcome home Bob!! God bless you all!



What a Very Happy Day!!!
Enjoy catching up with your son.
Happy weekend.

~~Carol~~ said...

Shirl, thank God your son is back home, safe and sound! I can't even imagine how relieved you must be. Will you please thank Bob for his service to our country for me? It's people like him that keep our country safe and free!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Jenny's Heart said...

I am so happy for you.
Praises to The Lord for keeping him safe!

Dena E's Blog said...

Wow,,Waht a BLESSING for all of you!!!
Praise God... A delight to stop by for a visit Sweetie~~~ Thanks for sharing YOU and Bob with us...
Blessings from our Awesome LORD above~~Prayers and Hugs Dena

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Shirl, Happy happy day!! I am so happy for you. Thank you Bob for your service to our country. Enjoy your day.
Hope and hugs to you & yours

Donnie said...

How wonderful that Bob made it home to his family and friends. I thank him so much for protecting my family. Enjoy your wonderful time together.

KatCollects said...

Sooooooo very happy for you and your Son and your family. God is very good!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Shirl Sweetie...
Yes you are all in the pink today. Praise God, Bob is home and you are all together again. I am so thrilled to hear he is back safe and sound, and I think sweet Bowser is also. He looks happy to have his soul mate back too. Critters miss them as well.

I am tickled pink you can bring out your old porch plate once again. Bob is home and it is home where they both belong.

Have a glorious weekend. That plane sure looked beautiful landing did it not?

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Char said...

O.k Shirl, you made me cry with joy. I am so happy Bob is home and in his family's arms. Thank him for me please for the service he gives us and his country. He is a hero and we don't need pink today!
Happy Pink Saturday, Char

suesueb said...

I would say that this takes priority over any pink today! So glad your son is home safe~thank him and let him know so many people pray for his and his fellow soldiers safety and happy return home. I know y'all will all have a great weekend!!

Lady Jane said...

yay for you and your son. Enjoy every moment...

racheld said...

I'm so happy for you all, for the safe return of your HERO!

I co-ordinated one of those return ceremonies at the airport once, a good while ago, when you could actually be INSIDE the place with a crowd. Balloons on sticks and flags and music---and when they started coming out of the concourse---everybody in all the waiting-gates stood and cheered with us.

Wow!! What a happy day for you all!! I love that you shared it. I started smiling when I saw the thumbnail stand out against all the pink, and I went to it first of all. I DO love a good homecoming, and our Soldiers are great Heroes.


Terri Morse said...

Yaaay!!!! Welcome home, Bob! You've been in my prayers and thoughts since you deployed. Thank you so much for the sacrifices you make to keep all of us safe. You are the heart and soul of America! Shirl, I'm so thankful that he made it home safely. I'm sending up prayers of thanks! I hope you and your family will have a wonderful reunion. Hugs, Terri

Sandy said...

Hi, I stopped by from Carol at Old Glory Cottage....can you tell me a little bit about the missle plate with the yellow ribbon on the tree and the wonderful red cottage? Carol found one too, and I would love for my display with my Dad's military items in my home. Red is my color too! Hopefully the maker info is in the back, or the artist signed it????? Thank you! Love your blog!!!!! Sandy