Sunday, May 25, 2008


My friend Rachael at The Rose Room is hosting a big bash in honor of her 100th post!!!
She is having a "It's Nice to Meet You" party to help us all become better acquainted.
AND if you do a couple of easy things that she asks, she will enter you in for some fabulous prizes!!

Congratulations to Rachael on her 100th post and I wish you many hundreds more!

First thing that Rachael asks is for us to share where we do our bogging~~~

My blogging space is in my bedroom and is being remodeled right now, but I will still show you how it looks now and share with you about some of my new plans for this area. The border is coming down and I am putting up a pretty shabby cottage rose print wallpaper on the top half of the walls,(sample below) a white wainscoting for the bottom half, oak trim around the windows and door frame, since most the furniture is Victorian Oak reproduction. Then most important is some crystal chandeliers will make my bedroom into the shabby cottage look that I am after!
This is where I spend my time blogging! Please feel free to click on the pictures and have a close look!

I got this beautiful leather chair for christmas this past year and I love it but so does my sweet little kitty, he loves to sharpen his nails on it so rather than have it destroyed I'm going to use it in my sewing room for my sewing chair. I just purchased a smaller one for this room that I am making a pink slipcover with a long skirt for it.
I just painted this desk chippy white and put the pink crystal knobs on it.
I would was trying to come up with something to cover the wires under the desk, so I thought I would make a skirt to go under the desk on a tension rod toward the back. I put skirts on everything! LOL
I made covers for all the computer pieces, for when they are not in use. Which is not often!
I've been looking for a little table to put to the right of the desk to hold the router, desk has a small top. I'm going to put a chandelier above the desk. The old desk had a table lamp but it had more room on the top.
Shelf above the desk.
To the left of the desk is a door that leads out to a porch that we are making into a four season sun room. For now I don't use the door so I have a table full of pretties to look at and garden trellice with tags and banners.
Sometimes I take my laptop outside on the porch on a nice day or my daughter comes over we have it on the kitchen island to show each other what cute blogs we found the day before.

Below is a pic of the wallpaper that I purchased to put in this room. Wow I guess I put up alot of pics, I am a very visual person so I tend to overdo on the pics! LOL
Now for the 10 questions that we were to answer ~~~

1. Relationship: Happily married to Edward for 37 years
2. Children: Beautiful daughter and handsome son, and three handsome grandsons!

3. Pets: Two dogs ~ Molly ~ Landseer Newfoundland & Goldie Mini Golden Retriever ~ Cats Angel ~ Blue Point Himalayan & 7 rescued strays that are all precious to me.

4. Age: 56
5. Star Sign: Virgo

6. Fave Food: Crab Legs
7. Fave Drink: Coke & Earl Gray Tea~~~Take A Boost, a NJ thing!

8. House Decor Style: Country Victorian & Cottage Chic

9. Collections: Lenox Southern Belles, Vintage Samplers, Embroidered brush & comb vanity linens, Jadeite, pink depression glass, Cherished Teddies, Vintage Embroidered Linens, Totes, teacups, teapots, Holly Hobbie, anything with pink roses.
10. How Did You Get Into Blogging: My daughter sent me a link to Isabella’s Closet & Aunt May’s Cottage, I just thought they were beautiful and wanted to do something like that. My daughter Jen and my PRH sister Connie helped me to get this up and running.

Now click on the link here to go to Rachael's party on her blog & wish her congratulations!

Thank you for stopping by, please come back again! It was so nice to visit with you! Blessings! Shirl


Bertie said...

What a beautiful room in which to blog!! Lovely surroundings and I love the covers! And your new wallpaper!

Sadly, I blog in the home office decorated for hubby in a golf theme! Not very romantic, huh?

Aunt May's Cottage

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful post Shirl! Your room is lovely and I love the fabrics and just everything!!!!


Jennifer said...

Mom Everyt hing looks so pretty.I just love how your shade looks on the door in that rose fabricwith the ivory fringe.I love your new wallpaper too.Love you,Jen

Miss Rhea said...

Shirl, I want to come fill my suitcase with all of your southern belles. :) Lovely !! Your office is so pretty !! I cant wait to paint mine. :)

rosechicfriends said...

Shirl...I just love how everything looks. You have so much eye candy to look at WOW! I too will have a special place in my *NEW* craft room for my treausres PRH goodies. I just love how you have displayed them all!

Have a great day! Lorena

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Shirl, you blog from a beautiful place ~ I'm not surprised! Everything you have is beautiful! And I have fallen in love with that wallpaper!!! Can't wait to see it when it gets put up.

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Shirl! I am 56 also and have been married for 37 years! We were young brides! Ahhhh memories! Your blog is one of my all time favorites! Keep inspiring!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Shirl! I am 56 also and have been married for 37 years! We were young brides! Ahhhh memories! Your blog is one of my all time favorites! Keep inspiring!

I LOVE your office!!!!!


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

you have such a beautiful room.. this is like heaven! all roses & pink..