Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hello and Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound. You can visit her for a list of all the other participants. Thank you Beverly for hosting this fun event!
Today I have some pinkness that my daughter Jen of Jen's Petal Palace made me for Valentine's Day. If you click on the picture you can get a larger view.
The picture above shows all my gifts and even a pretty pink gift bag that was full of pink faux pasteries!

Some close ups. Above is a pretty cake made using a box as a base! So pretty!

Some pretty pink and white cupcakes.

One of Jen's pretty pink sugar cookies on a lolli stick. How cute!

A cute little nut cup filled with candy.
Jen also painted this pretty little frame with hand painted roses. It's made like a locket and you can put a picture inside. So cute! Thank you Jen for all this pretty pinkness!

I made Jen this pretty little Tea Towel. I saw this print and thought of her right away. I also had another gift for her that I was making earlier in the week and lost it. Can you imagine loosing something in your own house. Have you ever done that? Well it was half done, I'm thinking my newest rescue cat Mr. Gray the Stray might have taken off with it. He is the friskiest cat I've ever seen. The crazy cat had a whole pile of valentine ornaments from the valentine tree all piled up one day. He's like a crow with shiny things so I'm thinking he has Jen's other gift hidden some place in this house. Oh well when it turns up Jen will get a late Valentine gift. Sorry Jen!
Last week I had some Valentine cupcakes with buttercream frosting posted and had a few requests for the recipe.
I've been using this frosting recipe for about a year now since I found it on the blog of my dear sweet friend MaryJane of The Bee Hive Cottage. A wonderful light and fluffy frosting. Just the perfect frosting everytime!
With her permission I am printing it here.

ButterCream Frosting

1 cup Nucoa margarine (no other!)*
1 cup Crisco
3 boxes powered sugar (apx. to desired thickness)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon CLEAR vanilla
about 3/4 cup water
Mix together and frost away!**
***Make sure you leave a little in the bowl for yourself!
*I use Parkay Light because I can’t find Nucoa in my area. Real butter did not work for me.
It seemed to be too heavy and did not get light and fluffy!
**I beat mine on high for about 15 min. till light a fluffy.
Well that is it for today's pinkness! Thank you so much for stopping by, it was nice to visit with you. I'll be back on Monday for Blue Monday with Smiling Sally! Have a great weekend and go visit Beverly for some more pinkness!
Bless you, Shirl


Riet said...

Oh wow, all lovely pink goodies. Happy pink Saturday

~CC Catherine said...

Shirl......what a lovely day you had enjoying these pink decorated cupcakes, and all the lavish and luscious decorated desserts. I adore the tea towel you made her! Very talented you are! And...she is too! Happy Saturday, PINK and all! ~CC Catherine (with a Pink Polka Dotted Pink Saturday wish for you!) ;)

Vintage To Chic said...

good morning Lady, love the pastries and the green cake stand, tell Jen, I am thinking about her,

Vintage To Chic said...

good morning Lady, love the pastries and the green cake stand, tell Jen, I am thinking about her,

Mimi said...

Your blog is w♥nderful! Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks so much for sharing this week. It made the cold up here in northern Michigan a little more tolerable :)

Blondie's Journal said...


I can't believe these are faux pastries~I even enlarged them!! Just beautiful to display and make everyone's mouth water. The cake frosting recipe looks scrumptious~I'll have to try it soon!

Hope you find the lost gift! ;-)


Connie said...

Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmm, sweetpea. Looks good enough to eat - the faux ones I mean!! Hah......

Linens and Laurel said...

Your pastries are delightful. It is almost lunch time and I could eat even the faux now. Thanks for the buttercream frosting recipe. Will have to try that out. Nancy

Staffordshire Garden said...

Oh my goodness love all of the cupcakes! Happy Pink Saturday!

vintagewindow said...

yummmmy yummmmy yummmmmmy

Happy Pink Saturday


KatCollects said...

I love all the sweet gifts from your Daughter. And my favorite thing is the cupcake tea towel you made her, so cute. Any chance you will be making any to seel on Etsy? : ) Thank you for the frosting recipe. My Daughter has been wanting to make a cake, sounds good to me : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirl,
I'm new to the group starting next Saturday...just wanted to stop by and introduce myself...whew there are alot people to say "hi" to. What a lovely "pink" goodies. It is amazing how life like it all is!


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What sweet pinkness. It made me hungry! LOL!
Love the tea towel and chuckled at the antics of Mr Gray. My dog Daisy is also a "theif" and we find socks and shoes hidden in her "spot". I used to have a cat named Rumpleteaser (after the theif cat in the play "Cats") that used to do the same as Mr Gray. When she passed it was so hard and one day while cleaning and rearranging furniture, I came upon one of her "stash spots". That day made me was like she was saying "meow!, I'm still with you!"
Enjoy your day and I hope you find your "lost item". lol!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Shirl, I LOVE everything sweet Jen gifted you with. I think her heart cookie on the lolli stick is one of the cutest things EVER! Love that little hp roses charm, too. She can just do anything, just like her mom!! Love how your jadite looks so pretty against all the soft pinks in your pics.

Your new banner pic at the top is too sweet!! I've cross-stitched a few shamrocks lately, too!

Happy PINK Saturday!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

CC said...

Such wonderful, lovely things. How talented you both are. Happy Pink Saturday..and thanks you for that buttercream frosting recipe.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Shirl. You and Jennifer are so talented. It surely runs in the family.

I would really like a slice of that cake just about now. ;-)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

all those pink goodies! lucky you!

happy pink saturday

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shirl! Everything Jen does is just beautiful! I adore those heart cupcakes, so pretty! I LOVE that towel Shirl!!! I wish you would make another and sell it :) That fabric is beyond cute!

Thank you for the yummy recipe! I am craving cake now, lol!

Love you!!

Loretta said...

I'm ALWAYS and forever losing things in my own house, and I don't even have a cat! Your pink things are scrumptious. I love your blog. Happy PS!

JudyBug said...

Love the sugar cookies on the stick. Just too cute!


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

How sweet everything is. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Pink Saturday.


Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday Shirl!

Lots of pink goodies


vickie said...

Shirl, that's funny about your cat!
Yes, I lose things in my house all the time! Love the beautiful pink goodies from Jen. Your blog banner for St. Pat's day is so pretty.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

shirl.. you always have something beautiful freshly baked from your oven! i love those cakes & cookies even I know some are faux.. so now, I got to find one to feed my sweet tooth.. have a great weekend and happy pink saturday!

rosechicfriends said...

Oh Shirl..everything looks so yummy! Jen's goodies are amazing..and I know that first hand!
Happy Pink...Lorena

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Hello Shirl. Love your Saint Patrick's header! I always love your posts. Jen made you lots of pretty stuff for Valentine's Day. I love the cupcake tea towel you made her. hugs, Ellen

Deanna said...

Hi Shirl,
sorry for the belated comment, but my laptop crashed this weekend so I'm trying to catch up for Pink Saturday.

Wow, what luscious pinkness! Oh, and thanks for the frosting recipe! I can't wait to try it.

Deanna :D

Jennifer said...

Mom I love the cupcake towel.It looks beautiful on my hope chest.I can't get all your pics to load.I am afraid my computer is on the way out.Even after all the stuff I took off of it its still not loading completly.I am so happy you like all your faux goodies.Mr Gray will probally bring alot of stolen jewels out one day.LOL He probaly has a hugs stash just like the ornaments he steals.Hugs.Love you! Jen

Lori said...

Shirl!!! Oh me, oh my, what a adorable post of goodies! I have to try that frosting ASAP! Interesting!!!! Enjoy htose too cute goodies,Love ya,Lori

DJ said...

That's a beautiful cake