Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Amour" Valentine Day Swap

Hello friends,
I am thrilled to tell you all that Cathy from Treasured Heirlooms has invited me to join her "Amour"Valentine Swap. Of course I accepted and I'm excited to get creating for my partner.
I have admired Cathy's beautiful home and art work for years now. She has been in so many decorating magazines. I fell in love with her little pink garden house the first time I saw it.
Be sure to stop back, we will be posting our swap exchange on Valentine's Day.
Thank you so much Cathy for hosting this fun event!
We have been getting so much snow here in WV, I have not had school since Dec. 18th. My students have not have their Christmas party yet. I'm sure they are loving their days off but enough is enough! Another snow storm headed in tomorrow so I doubt we will have school for the rest of the week.
I'm enjoying my time off of course, I am one to keep busy. I have so many hobbies and love to fuss around the house and decorate, moving things from here to there. Today when hubby came home from work I had him hanging shelves that I decided to move. I told him to get his woodworking tools out, I'll be ready for him to put up some oak trim around windows and doorways before to long. He was thrilled!!!! LOL Not really!
Have a great week, I'll be back on Pink Saturday!
Blessings to ya! Shirl


Jennifer said...

Mom I am so excited about the swap too.It will be so much fun.Hugs!Love ya,Jen

Ps loving all the snow too!!!

Crystal said...

Good Morning Shirl,
This is your swap partner Crystal, it is very nice to meet you. I am so excited to get to know someone better then just blogging. I am basically a stay at home mom. I sub for the school district as a classroom aide, office aide etc... I really enjoy cruising through your blog, you are very creative.
Your animals are adorable. You are right, Molly may not notice a yorkie under her feet, but then again she may love it?


Have fun with the swap... looking forward to seeing what you do. Blessings!

Crystal said...

Hey Shirl,
I wish my header was my property :) I took that on my first trip to France. My husband and I were out driving around in wine country. It was on our way to St. Emilion in France.
I do like to do crafts. I like to crochet, some scrapbooking and I just got a cricut.

Well must go take my daughter to cheer at a wrestling match.

vickie said...

Happy New Year Miss Shirl, I have really enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decor in your home. Stay warm in this winter weather!
Your swap sounds like fun, you are so talented.

Crystal said...

Hi Shirl,
I am assuming you received more snow overnight and you did not have school. We got away with about one inch this time, but the temp is still cold.
Thanks for stopping by. Izzy is adorable, but it seems like I can sit with her to potty and as soon as I turn my back - there it is? They were paper training her at the breeder, but I guess she had to adjust to new people?
Yes, a cricut is a cutter for scrapbooking, but you can also do more things with it. That is what I have been trying to figure out. I also like to make jewelry. I just haven't done much over the holidays.
What kind of things do you like to do in your "spare" time?