Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound. Thank you Beverly for hosting this fun event!

Happy New Year to all my friends out there in blogland! I wish you blessings for this new year! It's been so nice to get to know you all and share all our decorating and fun ideas to make our homes and lives sweeter!

Today Beverly wanted us to write about a project that we have planned for the new year. I have a very big project that I have started this past week while on Christmas break. As many of you know I live in a big old pre-civil war farmhouse. When we became empty nesters we moved our bedroom downstairs in a back room, well I have decided that I missed having a bath in my bedroom, the big walk in closet to add to that I've also read that if your bedroom is on the second floor you will be healthier and live longer. So I've decided to switch my bedroom and sewing room around. A huge job because both rooms need painting, papering and wainscoting. Not to mention all the stuff one can collect in a sewing room. Well the job is well underway and I'll share the final results with you as soon as it's done. I am doing a major destash in my sewing room and I'm feeling really good about it. Sixteen boxes went to Goodwill this past week!

Today I thought I'd share some last of my Christmas with my foyer all done in pink.

Below is a pretty cross stitch that my daughter Jen did for me years ago, this year I made it into a pretty pillow using scraps of fabric.

I wanted some pink roses for my swags in my foyer and was not able to find any in the pale pink that I like so I made them from tissue paper.

I also wanted to share with you these pretty sea shells that my daughter Jen painted for me for Christmas. They will be perfect with the decor in my bedroom when I finish the big move!

OK back to my pink foyer, here's my white tree all done up in pink.

Please ignore the staircase we are in the process of doing it over in oak.

Some closeups.

Thank you so much for stopping by, it was nice to visit with you and have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!
Blessings, Shirl


thestonerabbit said...

Happy Pink Saturday! OMG..your foyer is aglow with your lovely PINKS...that tree is so sweet! Love it that you make your roses from tissue!

I worked really hard right after my last sale and organized my workroom. I need to de-stash, too (great word, by the way!), but just getting everything put back where it belongs helps tremendously .

Hope you have a great New Year! Dana

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Shirl...
Lovely post. I love the roses that you made. Such a beautiful addition to the greenery, and you know the old saying, when you can't find what you're looking for, ad lib. And you know what it turned out better than the real thing. I am lovin it. So very pretty.

The pillow you made from your daughter's cross stitch is just precious. You will be able to move it around the house, to many places and share it with others. That is just devine.

Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you, and I am having a give away too.

Country hugs, Sherry

Grace said...

What a georgeous Home! I love your decor. Happy Pink Saturday! Grace

Connie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, g o r g e o u s, Shirl!! I love the entry way and especially the pink "MUM" pillow. Happy pink saturday,

suesueb said...

Your pink foyer is so pretty!! Good luck with all your projects-sounds like a fun and big undertaking! Happy pink week and Happy New Year!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Shirl.. you did great projects here!.. all so pretty done.. thanks for sharing.. Happy PS & Happy new year!


Happy New Year, Shirl!!!
Pretty, Pretty, Pretty is your Pink Saturday.
WOW...16 boxes to the GW!!! Which one do I need to go to ??..LOL..!!!
I should go thru my stuff and purge!!
It will be fun to watch your progress and transformations.
Deb :)

Marydon Ford said...

G'day Shirl ~
What lovely, no gorgeous!, pinks you have ... that little tree is to die for!! Beautiful presentation.

May 2010 bring you great happiness & joys!
TTFN ~ Marydon

Mary said...

Hello Shirley! Happy New Year to you! Wishing you a year filled with God's goodness and blessings! Your foyer is just delightful! Love your tree, it is just beautiful. I always enjoy seeing ornaments, loved the slippers and the pink felt tree ornament. You have a beautiful home!

She'sSewPretty said...

Sixteen boxes of sewing stuff went to goodwill! Where is that goodwill and how fast can I get there? LOL I can't wait to see your makeover. Your home is just gorgeous and I know that your bedroom will turn out beautiful too. Happy Pink Saturday Shirl!

Treasia Stepp said...

What gorgeous pink treasures you have. Just lovely. I can't wait to see your future projects come to life.

Cathy said...

Happy New Year,

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Yup, it is.

Please join me in my very first "Amour Valentine Swap". It's going to be easy, peezy and so much fun.

Just drop on over to my blog for the details, then send me an email if you'd like to participate. The more the merrier.



Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy New Year, Shirl.

Wow, that is a big project. And, good for you already getting started.

Your foyer looks so pretty, and your tree is beautiful. You have so many pretty decorations.

Mary said...

Wow, lots of pretties! I think the idea of switching your bedroom for you sewing room sounds like lots of work but fun, too! I would love to sink my teeth into a project like that.

Your foyer is gorgeous! And your daughter can really paint - the shells look great!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Light and Voices said...

Happy New Year from our house to your house. Yikes to move your bedroom back upstairs and the sewing room downstairs is quite a project. You got rid of sixteen boxes of stuff. Congratulations!
Joyce, IL, USA

sissie said...

Happy Pink Saturday Shirl!
Your home oozes pink! I love it.
I'm fond of pink myself and just can't seem to get enough of it.
I love all your lovely pillows and your home is so inviting and pretty.

WV girl, Sissie

Meg said...

Shirl, Everything in your home is so glorious and so PINK! I love it. I too have big plans to re-do some rooms but finding all my stuff and identifying what I have is the first step. I will stop by and see your progress again. Blessings Meg

Jennifer said...

Mom Happy Pink sat,I love the foyer its beautiful.The roses are so pretty in the garland too.Love what you did with the cross stitch.I am very happy you like the sea shells painted.I can't wait to see the bedrooms switched out it will be great having the craft room down stairs.Love you,Jennifer

Cindy said...

Hello, just popped over from and discovered how beautiful your blog is. I LOVE you Christmas tree. Just gorgeous.

♥Mimi♥ said...

I just KNEW that if I dropped by your blog today I would leave feeling GOOD and I DO! Pink, as you know, if my passion and you always give me a bucketful when I come to visit. Have a wonderful New Year! Can't wait to see the transformation of rooms!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Such a sweet tree and such sweet mementos, Shirley! You've got your foyer so done up for Christmas! I can't believe you made those roses and that your daughter painted the shells for you! You are both so talented! :-)

That's interesting about living longer with an upstairs bedroom. I wonder why??? I sleep upstairs, too, but that is truly interesting.

Sending you big hugs for New Year's and wishing you a very happy 2010. Hope your Christmas was merry, too!


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

P.S. Proud of you for taking all of those boxes to charity! :-)